Kim Weller
 and Terry Plavala have been successful dry cleaners in the valley since 1997. Both having customer service backgrounds, they know the key to success is client feedback and industry evolution. Carmel Cleaners is devoted to the environment and the client’s busy lifestyle. We use a halogen-free solvent designed to present no risk to air, water, soil and human beings. Our 24/7 self-service kiosk gives our clients the flexibility they need.

For us, it is simple: “Our Service, Your Schedule

We encourage and welcome all feedback. If you have any questions, concerns or feedback please contact us.”

20180226_095241Are you OUTGOING, UPBEAT, and FRIENDLY? Do you enjoy working with your hands as well as your head? Interested in learning a new trade in a completely customer-focused industry? We are looking for you! Go to our Employment page and apply!