Kim Weller and Terry Plavala have been successful dry cleaners in the valley since 1997.  Both having come from a customer service background, they have listened carefully to their customers over the years and have positioned themselves to look to the future of dry cleaning.  By staying current and educating themselves on the evolution of the industry, they have mastered the green cleaning process.  Their “new” mission is to clean green and offer conveniences that address the busy lifestyle of many. Therefore, at this location, 24 hour self-service drop off and pick up is available.

 “We wanted to make this cleaners different than the rest.  We know this is a new era and people are busy.  Our goal is to offer service to fit your schedule. Quality and Service are our main concerns. Customer feedback is both welcomed and encouraged, since this is our only report card. We can only improve our service with customer feedback. This is why we believe we will stand out amongst our competitors. If you have any questions, concerns or feedback please contact us.”