V.I.P Program

We welcome you to be a Carmel Cleaner’s  V.I.P.! We are devoted to the environment and your busy lifestyle. We want it easy and convenient for you! Here is how it works:

  • We provide one Customer Loyalty Bag – No Charge.
  • One Key Tag – No charge.
  • Additional Loyalty Bags and Key Tags require a $10 Deposit.
  • We require a credit card for auto pay:
    • Credit Card numbers are completely secure, utilizing state of the art technology.
    • Employees do not have access to your personal information.
    • Your credit card is stored as a “token” number and is NEVER stored in our system.
  • Drop and Go with a keypad combination, in order to keep your garments safe to drop off!

Meet Audrey.  She signed up as our first VIP customer!  She loves the kiosk and drop so much she uses them even if when we are open.  She says, “it’s fun!”  We always love when she comes in to chat, too!

Have access to 24 Hour Pick Up – 7 days a week!