Excellent Customer Service!

Kim and Terry’s (owners) personal service keeps me coming back again and again to Carmel Cleaners. They both work tirelessly to ensure your clothes are cleaned right and on time.

On multiple occasions, they have gone out of their way to get items taking care of for me. Expedited turnaround times, fixing clothes, etc. On top of their excellent customer service, they have a 24-hour kiosk for drop-off and pick-up. That has saved me several times when I didn’t get there during regular business hours. Truth be told though, I would much rather go in when they are open just to say hi to Kim or Terry. They are both such pleasant people.

What about pricing you ask? Sure, there are a couple places that charge a few pennies less, but what do you want? Excellent customer service and clean clothes or the cheapest price around? I’ll take Kim and Terry’s excellent customer service any day over cheap!

Carmel does a wonderful job, with great attention to detail. Let them know your preferences and they will store them for future visits. Plus, they offer an after hours drop off and pick up service….. so you can get your things on your schedule. Further, when you create an account with them, they give you a discount on services and a personalized laundry bag for your items. Their services are affordable and exceed all the other cleaners in the area…AND its organic :]
– Yelp Review

Great place….throw all my laundry in a bag, walk in and drop it off. When laundry is done, walk in and pick it up. They bill your card so it’s a super easy process. They do great work except for our last visit, one shirt had a spot on it that wasn’t there when I dropped it off. Plan on taking it back for them to launder again, I’m sure they won’t have a problem fixing it.
– Yelp Review

Simply the best and above the rest.  Plus, they have expedited services and reasonable pricing.
Give them a try, you will be happy you did!!
– Yelp Review

Awesome cleaners!  Awesome service!  Especially the 24 hr dropoff and pickup!  Wish they had this service back home in Delaware and Philly burbs!  Would be a differentiator!!
– Yelp Review

This place is solid!!  Dry affordable and does a pretty good job. They have an after hour machine for drop off and pick up. Try them out. They are awesome.
– Yelp Review

Simply the best! Why?  Because Kim is awesome.  I had several sweaters that need to be cleaned and the pills (is that the right term???) removed.  They came out beautifully.  I even trusted them with my cashmere.  Wowsa!

Bonus: drop your bag off 24/7 and pick up 24/7 with their automated system.  No more rushing to drop and pick up.  But if they are open, stop in and meet Kim!  Service time is within one to two days in most cases. Prices are cheap to reasonable depending on laundered or dry cleaning.
And it’s green cleaning! Try them out, you will not be disappointed.
– Yelp Review

We are so happy this business opened up in our area. The inside is extremely nice, clean and organized. Kim was so friendly and helpful…they even have a place where you can pick up your order after hours. The prices are more than reasonable and the quality of work is far superior to other cleaners we have tried. We will come back for sure and highly recommend Carmel Cleaners and Laundry. Thanks!
– Yelp Review

I used to go to a cleaner on Hayden but switched to Carmel.  Why?  Carmel was almost half the cost and the job came out better.  This is a locally-based business, run by nice folks.  They feature quality, environmentally-safe cleaning.  What’s not to like?  The store is just south of the Sprouts on the SE corner of Pinnacle Peak and Scottsdale Road.

– Yelp Review

“You are the best cleaners in all of Phoenix!  Good hours, great service and excellent quality. I have lived in various areas of Phoenix, and I have used other cleaners in the past, and today I choose to come only to your Phoenix location! I am looking forward to stopping at Carmel Cleaners!”
– Carl T.

“I was extremely happy with my first experience at Carmel Cleaners.  The owners were friendly, the prices are competitive and the best part was that my clothes don’t smell like chemicals!  I am also excited to use the 24-hour service to pick up or drop off on my schedule!  I highly recommend giving them a try.”
– Tina G.

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We are located on the S.E. Corner of Scottsdale Road and Pinnacle Peak in the Sprouts Shopping Plaza.

23207 North Scottsdale Road
Suite B110
Scottsdale, Arizona 85255



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